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Mind HK Media Awards 2018 Finalists

The 2018 shortlist was chosen from over 100 entries. To make the shortlist,  entries must have  relevant mental health content, challenged perceptions of mental health, be well-crafted and responsibly produced, be safe for intended audiences and demonstrate their reach and impact.

The awards were judged by an independent panel of media professionals and mental health professionals (academic and clinical). Winners were announced at Jazz for Mental Health on November 15 2018.


An individual journalist (print, broadcast or online, writing in Cantonese or English) who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of mental health issues.


  • Marian Liu

  • Anthea Rowan [WINNER] 

  • Layla McCay


  • LAM Ho Yan [WINNER] 

  • 黃雅婷

  • Mak Pui Man 麥佩雯

Broadcast Work​​

A news feature, documentary, radio programme, drama or drama series, soap or film that covers mental health issues.

  • Mad World

  • 星期日檔案﹕心藥 [WINNER] 

  • 城寨:煉心術

Student Journalist

An individual student or group of students entering print, broadcast or online material developed/published in Hong Kong, or a piece of journalism completed as part of a secondary school or university course.

  • Julie Shen Yue

  • Cara Li [WINNER] 

  • Elina Yuen Jing PANG

Making a Difference, Sponsored by Aetna

Presented to an individual or organisation in recognition of their outstanding contribution to improving the portrayal of mental health in the media. 


  • Marian Liu [WINNER] 

  • Anson Au


  • Lee Long Yee for 星期日檔案﹕心藥 [WINNER] 

  • Lam Yuen Ping

  • Mak Pui Man

Speaking Out

Presented to an individual who has experienced mental health problems, for their inspirational contribution to at least one of the shortlisted entries.


  • Anthea Rowan

  • Enoch Li [WINNER] 


  • LAM Ho Yan

  • Mak Pui Man 麥佩雯 [WINNER] 

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