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Mind HK Media Awards 2018

On November 15, 2018, we will host the Mind Media Awards in Hong Kong at Jazz for Mental Health, – the first time this will be done outside of the UK. 

The Mind HK Media Awards 2018 will celebrate journalists in Hong Kong who are challenging perceptions of mental health in their work. The event will work to encourage positive, ethical and balanced portrayals of mental health in the local media, to help break down stigma and promote more open conversations around mental illness. The event will be hosted by Anna Coren, International Correspondent at CNN.

We are looking for sponsors to help support the life-saving programmes we are working to implement in Hong Kong. All ticketing proceeds from the event will go towards our youth initiative, Coolminds, which seeks to raise awareness of mental health conditions and improve mental health literacy within local and international school systems.


Thursday, November 15th,



The Repulse Bay 




Mind HK works to:


Ensure everyone in Hong Kong living with a mental health problem has the recognition, support and respect they need to make the best recovery possible.

Provide partnership, collaboration, training, innovation and best practice to facilitate the work of all those involved in improving mental health in Hong Kong.

Lead, promote and support the destigmatisation and transformation of community mental health care so that Hong Kong can become a global leader in the field and a model for other Asian cities.

Research and audit these strategies and share them internationally.

KELY Support Group works to empower young people to reach their full potential through 3 core services: 

Prevention Education & Harm Reduction: Help young people make informed decisions by educating them around drug and alcohol use, building their resilience strategies and harm reduction outreach.

Positive Youth Development: Provide opportunities for young people to explore and develop life skills and creative expressions, increasing their aspirations for the future.

Advocacy: Raise awareness through mass media, public outreach, and social media about issues that young people in Hong Kong face. Campaign alongside and on behalf of young people, with the aim to influence policy development, upstream thinking, and funding decisions to respond to their needs.

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