Celebrating the best portrayals of mental health in the media.


Awards date: 2021 (Date to be confirmed)

About the Mind HK Media Awards

The Awards will celebrate journalists in Hong Kong who are challenging perceptions of mental health in their work. The event will work to encourage positive, ethical and balanced portrayals of mental health in the local media, to help break down stigma and promote more open conversations around mental illness. 

該獎項旨在慶祝並表揚香港的記者,他們在工作中挑戰大眾對心理健康的看法。 該活動將鼓勵當地媒體積極、道德和平衡地描繪心理健康,協力打破污名,並圍繞心理健康,推廣更為開放的對話。

Why mental health portrayals in the media matter

Stigmatization. Isolation. Impact on mental health. 

of those with mental illness said media coverage of mental illness has a negative effect on their own mental health
of those with mental illness state negative mental illness coverage led to an increase in depression and anxiety
of those with mental illness felt more withdrawn and isolated, as a result of negative media coverage*


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